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Comprehensive Analysis for Cost Effective Long Term Solutions


Build With Vision is an Idaho based small business that specializes in Residential and Light Commercial design and retrofit on both new and existing projects.  We are proud to announce our 10 year anniversary of providing solutions in this industry for builders, contractors and consumers.  While many things have changed in the industry a few remain the same.  We capitalize on the benefits of efficiency while improving health and comfort. Our goal is to provide a measurable difference for a sustainable future.  

Educate the Consumer
-  If you are looking to buy a set of tires we want to make sure a "set" includes four tires not three or even two.  Some products and some installations will not achieve the advertised benefits unless certain details are addressed. There are times when buying three tires can cost you more money in the long run than buying four!

Elevate the Contractor
-  If your competition sells a set of three tires and you sell a set of 4 tires you can not compete-our job is to support you in your goals to sell value and comfort while busting the myths in our industry.  Our experience shows many consumers are willing to pay more if they can be shown the value and sustainability in the decision.

Enhance Health and Efficiency - new and existing buildings may perform poorly due to  low bid  or under qualified labor - tires which are low on pressure get poor gas mileage and wear unevenly and quickly.  We address this with our access to cutting edge technical data and industry research coupled with field proven methods, careful planning, testing, verification and commissioning services.

Build With Vision provides independent third party verification of construction techniques and equipment installation for both new and existing projects. We work for you!

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